The Playdate

“This is the mum pig,” said The Cousin. “She was already married but she got divorced. She has babies.” The Cousin is two years older and likes to get things organised. “And here are the people. I’ll be the mum and you can be the dad.”

“I want to be the mum,” said Lily.

“Ok, you can be the mum,” said The Cousin. “But she’s unconscious ‘cause she’s going to have a baby. So she can’t really do anything. The dad is more fun ‘cause he can go on the swing and down the slide and all that.”

“Ok, I’ll be the dad,” said Lily.


Later they did some painting and it was a bit tricky. The Cousin needed a tissue to wipe up a drop that went out the lines.

“I don’t need a tissue because I’m a bit more careful than The Cousin,” said Lily.

“Lily, you might need a tissue sometime,” said The Cousin. “I’m not saying that you will, but you might.”

“I think you’re both doing a really great job!” I said encouragingly.

“Look Aunty Clare, Lily and I are both best at something!” declared The Cousin. “Lily is best at squeezing out the colours, and I’m best at making it look pretty!”

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