The little legs that rest

I’m watching TV on the couch with my two-year-old – both of us feeling a bit under the weather – when he turns his body slightly and rests his legs on my lap. Not the squishy, doughy legs of a baby, but the sturdy, slightly chubby legs of a toddler. Legs that kick up splashes in the swimming pool and twist and bob to music. Legs that feel so fast when they run, no matter that the gait resembles a stagger always perilously close to a fall. Legs with a freckle on the left knee.

photo (11)

He rests his legs on my lap without request or apology; supremely confident and utterly comfortable in the position. There’s something achingly sweet about those little incidental touches: a small hand resting on my leg as we share a snack, a downy head leaning sleepily on my shoulder, a row of tiny rosebud-toes pressing my foot as we sit together on a step.

In an odd sort of way, there’s nothing like being casually used as a pillow by my child to make me feel loved. For him it’s merely a soft and easeful drift to the closest place of comfort. And for me, the very simplicity of the situation is a dear reminder that, despite a myriad of parental shortcomings, I am still that safe and trusted place.

He rests his legs on my lap and says, without so many words, I am yours and you are mine.

10 thoughts on “The little legs that rest

  1. Beautiful. My children often tell me I’m the best mummy in the world and I want to say ‘no I’m not’, but to them I guess I am.
    I got to cuddle a two-year-old yesterday and I admit I’d forgotten how snuggly-cuddly they are. My 4 and 5 year olds seem to be all arms, legs, elbows, wriggling and endless questions!

    • Thank you! Oh I totally get what you mean- I often think I’m not doing the greatest job at this mummy thing, but still it’s me they seem to want! 🙂 Remarkable really!
      Two-year-olds may be softer than bigger kids, but they can be pretty wiggly too! We shared the brief moment I wrote about and next thing he was kicking and cackling away! I guess that makes the tiny moments more special though.

  2. Just beautiful. My little mate has just started turning to me, wanting Mummy cuddles. Oh my goodness, there is nothing quite like that feeling. I guess, us Mum’s will always connect with our little humans in the deepest of ways, given that our bellies were once their warm and cosy home. That, and the fact that we love them with every little piece of our hearts. xx

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